Thursday, October 06, 2011

John Huling out of surgery

Just got out of surgery. I was only suppose to be at the hospital an hour. The upper endoscopy was just suppose to be a 20 minute procedure. Instead I was there for more than 4 hours. The doctor took good care of me though. We arrived Wednesday morning. They found more "growths" not sure of the exact number but the nurse said my doctor removed a "number of them" and they are being biopsied. No report till Friday or Monday. But I am hoping and praying for good news that he got everything and nothing has spread.
My voice is a different matter. I may never get that back. There has been nerve damage as was suspected. I may not be able to ever speak again. One reassuring note was that sometimes it can come back somewhat with training in a year or so.
I'm praying for a miracle as I know from the hundreds of emails and Facebook friends have been. It helps to have so many at the hospital who are fans of my music too.
Believe me when I tell you, with this many people praying for me ...I feel it. I was comforted today even though it was scarey, knowing i was in your thoughts.
I, of course, was out the whole time but I knew immediately something was going on when I saw the clock on the wall showed I'd been there 4 hours!
Thanks for all your incredible love and support.


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