Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mesa Sunrise...The Essential John Huling

Mesa Sunrise CD- the Essential John Huling. There have been many questions about this album. It is a compilation and a re-release of a few songs from some earlier albums. Many fans enjoy the selections.
The music is from Desert Plateaus, Canyon Spirit, Spiritlands, In the Land of Dreams, and Return to Spiritlands. They are from my "Musical Stories and Visions of the Southwest" Series I started in 1990. This is where the music is in it's original form and the way it was intended to be. I think you will find that the entire collection of albums have songs on them not to be missed. But... If you have Mesa Sunrise then enjoy.
Please try out my other newer albums such as Under Desert Skies or Ancestral Waters.
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Blogger Michael Aaron Hansen said...

I just got Mesa Sunrise while visiting Saguaro National Park. I really enjoy listening to it. My favorite track is Breath of the Mountain. I can't wait to listen to your other recordings.

9/26/2010 4:55 PM  

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