Friday, November 27, 2009

Ancient Canyons-Music of the Southwest-John Huling

Ancient Canyons by John Huling was originally titled Return to Spiritlands. The official release date for Return to Spiritlands was the summer of 1998 . Return to Spiritlands was the follow-up to the 1994 best seller Spiritlands which continues to be in the "top ten best sellers list" for Native American music for more than 17 years!
This CD embraces the idea and belief of our souls or spirit returning to the Spiritworld. The artwork was also changed. The new release date was changed to 2001. Musically speaking, both albums are exactly the same, only the art and title are different. So be sure you don't already own one before you accidentally buy the other. There is a very limited supply of old stock remaining for fans of the original Return to Spiritlands CD as well as some of the other older releases.

see quote from a well known review magazine

"Many other musicians are now attempting to recreate the unmistakable "Desert Southwest Native American Sound" that John Huling started over 20 years ago. Using Native American Flutes, his own nature sounds, drums and keyboards, Huling started his enchanting Southwest styles music in the early to mid 1980's.
The compositions for his landmark release Desert Plateaus were completed in 1989. Desert Plateaus was released one year later for a PBS special about the Anasazi Pueblo Indian culture.
Note the release dates. Most of the attempts at "sound alike albums" are mid to late 1990's and 2000 or even later. Some are even using his album's song titles titles in an attempt to confuse or deceive fans to go to their websites or buy their music instead. Huling has a great relationship with most his fans and they know the difference.
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