Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Under Desert Skies by John Huling Music...the latest CD

The response to Under Desert Skies has been overwhelming. It has become our #1 bestselling release to date. Thank you!
It took a while but after nearly 10 years I have finally returned to the "Desert Plateaus", "Spiritlands" sound that I started back in 1990. This new album Under Desert Skies is available directly from johnhuling.com the official and only personal web site for John Huling Music.
Audio samples, purchasing info, photos, a Bio and all kinds of stuff will be on the site. I will add to this blog as the days go by more info about 3 new titles due out by late 2007 early 2008. Don't forget to check out Ancestral Waters also.
My mother and father (both of whom have since passed away recently) first brought me to the Desert Southwest in 1958. (actually 1955 but I don't remember much!) We lived on the edge of the De Anza Borrego Indian Reservation as it was called then in Southern California. It was a fairly remote place at that time compared to present day. I spent many days with my father and mother out in the desert exploring abandoned prehistoric dwelling sites. We drove around on sandy dirt roads, an adventure in and of itself, in an old metallic green Hudson Jet. That was a car in those days for those who think it might of been an actual "jet". We had the official required "Oasis" canvas water bag hanging off the front bumper. Just there for looks really. Everyone had one who traveled through the desert. I doubt there was enough water in it for any thing useful. But it made us feel more secure just the same. We would have some water in case our "green bomb" got stuck.
I remember my father playing and singing "age old songs" out there at night Under Desert Skies. My sister and I would listen and dream... to be continued...pictures etc. will be here in 2007.
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