Monday, November 26, 2007

Spiritlands CD- John Huling Reviews

Many people have requested some reviews. Here are just a few for Spiritlands...

"John Huling's music is the best Native American Flute music to come across my desk ... it is the most original!"
-Forest/Musical Startstreams nationally syndicated radio program.

"John Huling's music has been our #1 bestseller for the last four years!"
P. Brotzman, CEO, Four Winds Trading Company

Both beautiful and inspirational, these "Musical Visions of the Southwest" as Huling calls them,
are based upon ancient Native American stories and legends from the southwestern United
States. A real bonus is Huling's self authored liner notes. With each unique song
progressively calming the spirit, you will be drawn into a restful world of peace and
tranquility. Features a variety of Native American flutes, ceremonial Indian drums, ancient
pan flutes and a host of other instruments. My father purchased this John Huling album, one for me and one for himself, several years ago back. I am to this day increasingly grateful for
this purchase. Though I have combed through my CD collection several times throughout the
years and sold many of my older albums, this one will forever remain on my shelves. To this day I pull out this CD when in dire need of some rest and relaxation.
The soundscapes encountered herein are no less than gorgeous, relaxing, and inspiring. Huling
seamlessly and beautifully intertwines ceremonial drums and pan flutes with sounds inspired
and derived from nature, such as the howling of wolves, the tinkling of rain and the clapping
of thunder. The melodies and beats are at once uplifting and soothing. Each song is a trip through different aspects of tranquility, as is the album as a whole, conjuring visions
of nature in all it's unbridled beauty. Though each ensemble is deserving of recognition, my
favorites would have to be Lost Canyons, with it's infectiously haunting melody, and Final
Journey, with the hypnotic drum beats and soft pattering of rain in the background. All of the music on this CD is great! I can listen to this while I'm working on the computer
to help keep me relaxed, or during meditation. The gentle nature sounds mixed in with the
soft drum beats and heart-felt flute playing...I just can't say enough. It's fabulous and has
a definite Native American feel and sound.
The first track, "Breath of the Mountain" starts out slow, and then when the drum beats kick
in combined with the flute, it makes me want to go outside amongst the trees with my arms up
in the air and dance around. This track is one of my favorites.
I've always loved the way the rainstick sounds, and track 2, "Gathering Spirits" combines
that with the flute, some silent pauses, then, the drumming starts and the sound of a birds. This song is uplifting.
Track 3, "Lost Canyons" is light and mellow all the way through. This is a great song for
meditation. If you have six and half minutes for a short meditation, put this song on, and
let it take you away.
Who doesn't love the sound of a thunderstorm? Track 4, "Final Journey" combines the soft
pattering of rain with thunder, soft drums and light flute. Like track 3, it is mellow all
the way through, is also about six and a half minutes, and is great for meditating or
Track 5, "Ghost Dancers" starts out with upbeat drumming and rattles. It brings to mind
people dancing around a fire, in trance, lost in the moment, letting their body be one with
the beats of the drums. Like all of the tracks, there is also beautiful flute combined with
the other instruments.
"Into the Memory," track 6, is very mellow and light. Great for relaxing.
Track 7, "Spiritlands" starts out with birds chirping, bringing to mind the dawn of a new
day, waking up to fresh morning dew. I imagine waking up, stretching, and hearing these
sounds as my body wakes. It also brings to mind the feeling of coming out of trance, bringing
your spirit back into your body.
Lastly, track 8, "Ascension" starts out with sounds of a storm. The flute and keyboard
combine to form a feeling of hope. The storm is breaking, the gray turning to brightness as
the sun comes out of hiding. It ends with light pattering and sounds of nightfall, signaling
the end of the day, and the CD. This is a fine album. The selections vary in their effects on my psyche. Some are quiet and relaxing--good for meditation. Others are uplifting and help your spirit soar. My favorite "cut" is #2, "Gathering Spirits" which is one of the "uplifting" ones .

Reviewer: Peter Martin Muzyka (Madison, Georgia United States)
I first heard John Huling's Spiritlands while visiting Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania a few years ago. Instantly my mind was transported to a land beyond the confines of modern society.
I am an artist and whenever I need to be reinspired while painting I put on Spiritlands and become re-energyzed. Since buying this CD I have become the proud owner of all of John's wonderous compositions.
Visit John Huling 's personal website with the only complete library of all John Huling music.


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