Monday, November 26, 2007

John Huling Composer of Spiritlands-3 new CD's by late December 2007

The first of 3 new albums reminiscent of Spiritlands should be available before the end of 2007. Two other CD's soon there after. Check the John Huling Website often for news about these releases.
SPIRITLANDS was the landmark release after the enormously succesful 1991 Desert Plateaus release. Hundreds of thousands of CD's of SPIRITLANDS CD's have been sold since it's release in early 1994. As one very generous reviewer put it...

"John Huling's fluid musical style has become one of the most emulated, if not outright copied Desert Southwest Native American Indian Flute Music in the world."
Many try to sound like John Huling but fall woefully short!" Native American Music Review

SPIRITLANDS followed his 1991 release of DESERT PLATEAUS which is also a bestseller.
Along with Spiritlands, Return to Spiritlands, Desert Plateaus, Canyon Spirit, In the Land of Dreams, Mesa Sunrise and Under Desert Skies Huling has 3 new cd releases scheduled for 2007. The new CD releases are all part of his Musical Visions of the Southwest series that began back in early 1990. More about these new albums and the story of the SPIRITLANDS album soon. Don't be other "sound alikes". Get the original.
Thanks to the fans for their support for John Huling's music for more than 20 years!

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