Monday, November 17, 2014

New CD North Star Meditaions from John Huling

The NEW North Star Meditations CD is available now.
This is a "collection of some of my favorites" I have been asked to put together over the years. These songs are from my more recent albums.
I also included 4 new songs with this new CD. Unfortunately, because I no longer own the rights to my older music, I was unable to include any of the older songs.

Music is not a "hobby" for us...yes we love creating the music...but music is also our livelihood and income for nearly 30 years.

We have been very lucky to have sold nearly 2 million albums over those years.

We may set up some sort of a "donation system" for those that would like to support us so we can continue to be able to keep creating more new music. It takes many hours, days and yes, sometimes years to produce and record new music. 

Soon, we will be offering downloads instead of just physical CD's. You will be able to choose which way you would like to get my music. We'll keep you posted via web and or email.
I will not be able to sell some of the earlier music from before 1999.

Over the last 30 plus years many people have had many special experiences listening to this music. Some have been married with this music, mother's have given birth to new life with the music, and sadly, quite a few have died, ...

I am told my music offered comfort to many, even changed lives. That means so much to me I will never be able to describe the emotion I feel. My simple "thank you" is woefully inadequate but heart felt. Joni and I thank you both. Joni has been there, always at my side, for every moment the music was created.

Thank you to those who have actually purchased my music over these many, many years.

We appreciate the fact that you liked the music enough to "buy it", rather than copy it. :)

John and Joni Huling