Saturday, March 22, 2008

I wished I had done this sooner...

Please please don't let this happen to you. I should have known better. Don't wait. You hear it all the time. Get a colonoscopy by 50! Sooner if you have a family history of cancer. It prevents you from getting colon cancer in the first place. It is not to see if you have it. Don't procrastinate. Finding it early you could have a better than 98 percent chance of living out your life. Find it when you have symptoms and there is a chance that is less than 5% of surviving it. I will keep an update here soon.
John Huling
Thanks to my friends for their support.

3 New John Huling CD's available May 15th 2008

Well finally after several years of continuing health issues the 3 new CD additions to the "Musical Visions of the Southwest" Series will be ready. The titles will be announced May 15th when the CD's will be available.
As far as my's still a work in progress I guess. So many of my friends including Will Ackerman have been having numerous health issues and other stuff going on as well. Who said getting older was fun. Still, I am very fortunate to have had the life I have had.
Thank you to all the friends who have been giving their support and friendship over the years.
John Huling